Albuquerque NM Chapter
Speakers Bureau
Ira Rimson has been a pilot for 50 years. He has 40+ years' expertise in aeronautical engineering and aircraft accident investigation (small-to-large airplanes, helicopters, and an occasional hot-air balloon). He has consulted to authors whose books have included aviation plot excursions, including Kathy Reichs, Penny Rudolph and Kathy Brandt, and will gladly assist with the technicalities - even if your name doesn't end in "y". Contact Ira at irimson@post.harvard.edu or 505-275-4969.
Elaine Abramson teaches Creative Entrepreneur business and legal workshops for artists and authors. Contact Elaine at AAArtWork@aol.com
Robert R. Kresge (Rob) is an author of historical novels who moved to Albuquerque in late 2002.  He has written three historical mysteries in the Warbonnet series (Wyoming, 1870s) and a Civil War spy novel based on real events, sort of Cold Mountain meets Eye of the Needle.  He has also submitted modern short stories to a mystery magazine and two anthologies. Warbonnet mystery series Book One is Murder for Greenhorns. Rob retired from the CIA in 2002 after working on Southeast Asia, North Korea, Iraq during Desert Storm, gray market arms dealers, and sanctions against the former Yugoslavia.  He spent 10 years in the Counterterrorist Center, where he was a founding member in 1986.  On September 11, 2001, Rob was the senior analyst responsible for warning of terrorist threats to United States interests. Rob has been a speaker, briefer and teacher on terrorism, economic sanctions, and the Intelligence Community.  He also spent 30 years in the Army Reserve. Contact Rob at rkresge777@comcast.net
Linda Triegel writes historical romances under the pen name Elisabeth Kidd (find her books at www.regencyreads.com). An avid reader as a child, it was perhaps inevitable that she would turn to writing, but this happened only after she discovered the English author Georgette Heyer - and was hooked. Linda has published 10 novels under her pen name, and is at work on a new Regency. She is also working on a cozy mystery series. In addition to her writing, Linda has had a long career in editing, starting with The New Book of Knowledge. She continued to freelance as a copyeditor for several New York publishers,specializing in romance and mystery fiction. She is currently (since 1998) an instructor for a correspondence school for writers, assisting students with their short fiction and nonfiction assignments. Linda grew up in Connecticut and has lived in several states and countries, now calling New Mexico home. Contact Linda at prosepolisher@earthlink.net.
Irene Blea is a New Mexico native with a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her most recent novel, Daughters of the West Mesa, is based on the true story of the discovery of 11 female remains and an unborn fetus west of Albuquerque. This work of fiction introduces readers to Dora, a single mother of two daughters; one of them is missing. Blea's work was recognized in 2015 as Albuquerque's Best by Albuquerque the Magazine. Blea's work will be featured in an upcoming docu-series on unsolved serial killings on the A&E Network this fall. Blea is an award winning academic and a New Mexico Humanities Scholar, who incorporates her cultural and scholastic knowledge of the people and history of the region into each book. She retired as a Tenured, Full Professor and Chairperson of Mexican American Studies at California State University-Los Angeles. Two of her seven textbooks, Toward a Chicano Social Science, and La Chicana and the Intersection of Race, Class and Gender are considered classics in her field. Suzanna is the title of Blea's first novel in a trilogy about a thirteen year old girl married off to a thirty-two year old man in 1920's New Mexico. The second novel is Poor People's Flowers. It continues Suzanna's story upon arrival in Colorado and an questionable relationship with a priest. The third novel finds Suzanna involved in murder. Contact Irene Blea at 505 896-8477 or via email at iiblea092@gmail.com