What Are Women in Science Like?

by J.L. Greger Scientists are required to submit a full disclosure of their biases when they submit a manuscript for review. Their disclosures are brief because editors charge researchers (or at least the agencies supporting the research) page charges. Here’s

Author Interview: Elizabeth Galligan

Author, poet and educator, Albuquerque resident Elizabeth Ann Galligan, Ph.D., holds degrees in anthropology, Latin American Studies, and Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Teacher Education. As illustrated in her debut novel, Secrets of the Plumed Saint: A Tale of Intrigue from

Author Interview: Robert Kresge

Robert Kresge writes the Warbonnet historical mystery series set in 1870s Wyoming: Murder for Greenhorns, Painted Women, Death’s Icy Hand. Rob has also written a Civil War spy novel based on real events, and modern-day short stories for a mystery

Author Interview: J. L. Greger

Are you ready for the Coming Flu? J. L. Greger’s new medical thriller Coming Flu describes the potential effects of a truly virulent flu. A new flu strain – the Philippine flu – kills more than 200 residents of a

The Writer’s Block

A column on craft by Linda Triegel Here are some common words that confuse everyone, not just those of us who want to write professionally (and we should know better): AFFECT / EFFECTThe verb affect means to influence or have

Dr. Richard Peck

by Pat Wood On May 22, 2012 Croak & Dagger welcomed Dr. Richard Peck as our guest speaker. The focus of his talk was dialogue in novels and plays. Dr. Peck received his PhD at University of Wisconsin, taught English at 

Angel Street

by Linda Triegel Albuquerque’s little theaters frequently perform mystery plays, which is a boon to us fans. Croak & Dagger chapter members have had the opportunity to see several in recent years—at a reduced ticket price for members—including Agatha Christie’s

Author Interview: Joseph Badal

Joseph Badal’s 38 years in the banking and financial services industries provide a solid foundation for the storyline in Shell Game, a thriller that uses the financial meltdown that began in 2007 as a backdrop for murder, greed, corruption, and