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Sisters in Crime - Website for Croak & Dagger's parent organization

Mystery Writers of America - resources for mystery and crime authors

Mystery Readers International  - open to all readers, fans, critics, editors, publishers and writers; home of the annual Macavity Award

Writing-World Mystery Links - Resources for mystery writers; includes forensic information

Stop You're Killing Me - A website to die for . . . if you love mysteries

Short Mystery Fiction Society - writers, readers, fans, editors, and publishers of mystery and crime fiction from around the globe

Looking for a Mystery? - lists of mysteries by date, topic, location

Euro Crime - for fans of British and European crime fiction

Crimespace - for readers and writers of crime fiction

Clerical Detectives - detectives with a religious background

Cozy Mystery List - a guide to cozy mystery books and DVDs

CrimeSquad - crime online

Italian Mysteries - English-language mystery novels set in Italy

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Useful Sites for Book Lovers

GoodReads - meet your next favorite book

LibraryThing - catalog your books online

FictFact - track your fiction book series
Writers' Guide to Government Information
The Writer's Guide to Government Information provides "Resources to inject real life detail into your fiction". Daniel Cornwall, a librarian in Juneau Alaska, provides a "go-to" website for authors to find authentic details, completely free. Sections useful to mystery writers:

  • Crimes, Criminals, Cops and Crimefighters
  • Health Issues and Tragic Complications (disease symptoms and rare diseases)
  • When Bad Things Happen (accidents, poisons and chemical or biological toxins)
  • Everything and Everyone Dies (autopsy manuals, death certificate procedures and the death process)

Plus tips on how to extract information from a given website. For example, see Drugs and Supplements from MedlinePlus.