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The Albuquerque NM Croak & Dagger chapter of Sisters in Crime welcomes mystery fans who enjoy felonious fun, absolutely criminal companionship and sensational speakers. Unless otherwise noted, programs are free and open to the public.

4th Tuesday of the month:

March 25
April 22
May 27
June 24
July 22
August 26
September 23
October 28
November 26
Meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the police briefing room at James Joseph Dwyer Memorial Substation, 12700 Montgomery NE (one block east of Tramway).

If the substation parking lot is full, additional parking is available just below the substation; the entrance to that lot is via a driveway below the substation.
Tuesday, March 25 - Christine Barber
Christine Barber wrote her first mystery at age 10. She spent over 15 years as an award-winning journalist, before winning the 2008 Tony Hillerman prize for her first novel, The Replacement Child.

Her mystery series set in Santa Fe, New Mexico features newspaper editor Lucy Newroe and Detective Gil Montoya: The Replacement Child (2008), The Bone Fire (2010) and When the Devil Doesn't Show (2013).

Christine is also writing non-fiction books about linguistics and how to survive being kidnapped by a serial killer.
For fans of the Pendergast mystery series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child: an epilogue to White Fire (#13).
Tuesday, April 22 - Jen Brown
Agora Crisis Center at University of New Mexico provides trained listeners for times when family and friends can't help. Compassionate, non-judgemental peer counselors help callers to figure out options. Support is available by online chat or telephone. Agora has 3 certified ASIST trainers who can offer suicide intervention training throughout New Mexico.

Jen Brown will speak to Croak & Dagger about suicides and their symptoms. She'll also answer questions you may have, such as what other types of crisis calls Agora receives, or what times of year have highest volumes of calls.

Tuesday, May 27 - Judith Van Gieson
Judith Van Gieson is the author of a children's book, a collection of poetry and short stories, and thirteen mystery novels in two series.

The Neil Hamel mystery series features a female Albuquerque attorney and sleuth: North of the Border (1988), Raptor (1989), The Other Side of Death (1991), The Wolf Path (1992), The Lies That Bind (1993), Parrot Blues (1995), Hotshots (1996), and Ditchrider (1998).

The Claire Reynier mystery series features an archivist and librarian at the Center for Southwest Research at University of New Mexico: The Stolen Blue (2000), Vanishing Point (2001), Confidence Woman (2002), Land of Burning Heat (2003), and The Shadow of Venus (2004).

Judith lives in Albuquerque, where she owns and operates the publishing company ABQ Press.

A New Resource for Writers
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The Writer's Guide to Government Information provides "Resources to inject real life detail into your fiction". Daniel Cornwall, a librarian in Juneau Alaska, recently created a new "go-to" website for authors to add authentic detail to their stories. Sections of special interest to mystery writers include:

- Crimes, Criminals, Cops and Crimefighters
- Health Issues and Tragic Complications (disease symptoms and rare diseases)
- When Bad Things Happen (accidents, poisons and chemical or biological toxins)
- Everything and Everyone Dies (autopsy manuals, death certificate procedures and the death process)

Daniel offers tips on how to extract information from a given website. For example, see his annotation of Drugs and Supplements from MedlinePlus.

Best of all, the website is completely free.