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The Albuquerque NM Croak & Dagger chapter of Sisters in Crime welcomes mystery fans who enjoy felonious fun, absolutely criminal companionship and sensational speakers. Unless otherwise noted, programs are free and open to the public.

4th Tuesday of the month:

October 27
November 24
Meeting Location

North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
7521 Carmel Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM

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Classroom 6 on the second floor is easily accessible by stairs or lobby elevator.

Meetings begin at 7pm
Tuesday, October 27 - William White
William White initially came to New Mexico in 2000 at the request of a man named Jerry Cheetum—the grandson of Doc Noss. White was so fascinated by the stories and folklore surrounding the Caballo Mountains of New Mexico that he began documenting these tales while they were still fresh in the minds of those who relayed them.

In 2003 White published his first book, Tales of the Caballos. A small book by most standards, it quickly caught on and still remains one of his most popular selling books. It is known as the treasure hunters’ bible in southern New Mexico; no self-respecting treasure hunter would head for the mountains without it safely stored in their backpack.

After four more books on treasure stories, White decided to try his hand at writing a novel. The Treasure of San Miguel Island is fiction woven on fact, triggered by White’s visits to the island along the California coast when he was a teenager.
Using the same characters, his second novel The Pancho Villa Treasure of the Guadalupe Mountains was created after extensive research on the historical character Pancho Villa. Third novel in the series is The Aztec Treasure of the Caballo Mountains.

White has two more books in progress: a novel in his treasure adventure series, and another collection of treasure stories.

White served honorably in the U.S. Marines in the 1960s. He did one tour of combat duty in Vietnam and received several Purple Heart medals. White always had his roots in agriculture. Upon returning from Vietnam he began working for food-processing industries setting up automation systems, his chosen profession until retirement years.

When not writing books, White gives hiking tours in the Caballo Mountains. He resides outside of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He commutes to Albuquerque on a weekly basis to dance the Tango.

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Tuesday, November 24 - Cordelia Willis
Criminalist Cordelia Willis, from the county crime lab in San Jose CA, is a Crime Scene Investigator who previously interned with the NCIS Cold Case Squad. Over the past 17 years at the crime lab she has gone to crime scenes, tested drugs, processed items for fingerprints, analyzed items for biological fluids, worked with the DNA database, compared shoeprints and tire tracks, interpreted blood spatter, analyzed video and audio evidence, and processed cell phones.