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The Albuquerque NM Croak & Dagger chapter of Sisters in Crime welcomes mystery fans who enjoy felonious fun, absolutely criminal companionship and sensational speakers. Unless otherwise noted, programs are free and open to the public.

4th Tuesday of the month:

September 23
October 28
November 26
Meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the police briefing room at James Joseph Dwyer Memorial Substation, 12700 Montgomery NE (one block east of Tramway).

If the substation parking lot is full, additional parking is available just below the substation; the entrance to that lot is via a driveway below the substation.
Parnell Hall sings!
"Sisters in Crime"
Tuesday, September 23 - Pari Noskin Taichert
Pari Noskin Taichert has garnered two Agatha Award nominations for her mystery series featuring Sasha Solomon published by the University of New Mexico Press:
  • The Clovis Incident (2004)
  • The Belen Hitch (2005)
  • The Socorro Blast (2008)

All humorously celebrate the Land of Enchantment while exploring the deeper human condition.
Pari was a founding member as well as the first President of Croak & Dagger. She is a 20+ year veteran in the public relations industry, the founder of the Anthony-nominated web log, and an award-winning freelance features writer. She finds delight in eating Vietnamese food, playing cello, lifting weights, hanging out with writers and readers, loving her family and practicing gratitude.

Enjoy Pari's blog posts from the archives on Murderati, follow her on Facebook, or check out the Sasha Solomon fan page.
Tuesday, October 28 - Los Muertos Spirit Seekers
Los Muertos Spirit Seekers was founded in 2010 by a small team of women interested in understanding and seeking answers in the world of paranormal phenomena. We strive to achieve this principle through the ideals of belief in the unknown, acceptance of a spiritual world, and the guidance from a higher power.

With a combined 20+ years of experience, both personal and professional, Cat Kaspar and Peggy Schofield focus their investigations on private homes and small businesses. Also complementing the team is Margo Richardson, an independent investigator and clairsentient.
Along with several homes, a private law office, the Belen Harvey House Railroad Museum, and Great Face and Body Day Spa, Los Muertos Spirit Seekers was the first paranormal investigation team to explore, record and document activity at Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque (former psychiatric hospital).

For more information about the team, or to request an investigation, contact the team via their website:
Member News
Albert Noyer
Albert Noyer's novel Unholy Sepulcher, fourth in his Getorius and Arcadia Mystery series, is now available in Kindle format.

"A body found in Jerusalem's Holy Sepulcher leads to a secret sex-cult and Arcadia's abduction, where a Bedouin War Lord will sell her to the highest bidder."

From September 3rd - 29th, Albert Noyer's artwork will be featured at the Loma Colorado Main Library Auditorium in Rio Rancho. Information: 505 891-5013 ext. 3081
The team's primary goal is to help the client feel comfortable and safe in their environment while providing solid evidence through research, documentation, and substantiation of the unexplained events. "Cleansings" are also performed on an as-needed basis.
Tuesday, November 26 - Winter Can Be Murder
Join us for a Winter Theme Round Table with member-authors Rob Kresge and Margaret Tessler.
Fifth in the mystery series featuring San Antonio attorney Sharon Morgan-Salazar, Casting Shadows by Margaret Tessler is set in present-day Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

When a body is found on the ski slopes where Sharon and Ryan are vacationing in January, Sharon uncovers the culprit.
Death's Icy Hand by Rob Kresge is the third book in the Warbonnet historical mystery series, set in 1872 Wyoming.

Mysterious deaths follow a Russian Grand Duke as he travels across America by train. Monday Malone and Kate Shaw track the killer.

Rob will describe "Perils of a Wyoming Winter".