Special Events

Croak & Dagger Zoom Events

Monday February 22, 2021 Joseph Badal “Killers, Krooks & Kops” (watch recording)

Monday May 24, 2021 Sandra Marshall “Death in the Time of Pancho Villa” (watch recording) Passcode: @7V10p%u

Monday June 27, 2021 Kathy Bennett, Retired LAPD Officer (watch recording) Passcode: J3NHT5B*

Monday July 26, 2021 Emily Mah Tippetts (watch recording) Passcode: n&^qw5BO

Monday August 23, 2021 Darynda Jones “Paranormal has Been Very V-E-R-Y Good to Me” (watch recording) Passcode: R2Fs&QyZ

SouthWest Writers and Croak & Dagger Saturday Sessions

Saturday June 12, 2021 (watch recording)

Saturday June 19, 2021 (watch recording)

Saturday June 26, 2021 (watch recording)