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Everything Old Is New Again

by Linda Triegel Once upon a time, not that long ago, all books were printed on paper. Then came the Internet, quickly followed by “e-books”, or books not printed at all but readable electronically. At first, these were not considered

Love is All You Need

Croak & Dagger member Linda Triegel has a short story in e-anthology Love is All You Need available now on Amazon, scheduled to be published in book form August 4th. Linda’s story “Working It Out” is one of ten short romance stories that

Grande Dames and Great Detectives

by Linda Triegel Most writers grow fond of the characters they create, but there must be a special relationship between writers and series characters that, with skill on the writer’s part and staying power on the character’s, appear to change

The Writers Block: Figures of Speech

A column on craft by Linda Triegel Figures of speech, or figurative language, are the sound effects added to writing to make it richer and more colorful.  The most common figures of speech are: SIMILE A comparison of two different

Mothers of Sisters: Josephine Tey

by Linda Triegel Elizabeth MacKintosh, who wrote mystery novels under the name Josephine Tey, was an intensely private person. Little is known of her life, but her fans are more than satisfied with reading her eight classic short mysteries over

The Writer’s Block

A column on craft by Linda Triegel Here are some common words that confuse everyone, not just those of us who want to write professionally (and we should know better): AFFECT / EFFECTThe verb affect means to influence or have

Angel Street

by Linda Triegel Albuquerque’s little theaters frequently perform mystery plays, which is a boon to us fans. Croak & Dagger chapter members have had the opportunity to see several in recent years—at a reduced ticket price for members—including Agatha Christie’s