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Author Interview: Patricia Smith Wood

As a child Pat entertained herself and others making up stories and putting on plays. Law enforcement is in her DNA: her father served as a police officer and completed a distinguished career with the FBI. She became an FBI

Author Interview: Elizabeth Galligan

Author, poet and educator, Albuquerque resident Elizabeth Ann Galligan, Ph.D., holds degrees in anthropology, Latin American Studies, and Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Teacher Education. As illustrated in her debut novel, Secrets of the Plumed Saint: A Tale of Intrigue from

Author Interview: Robert Kresge

Robert Kresge writes the Warbonnet historical mystery series set in 1870s Wyoming: Murder for Greenhorns, Painted Women, Death’s Icy Hand. Rob has also written a Civil War spy novel based on real events, and modern-day short stories for a mystery

Author Interview: J. L. Greger

Are you ready for the Coming Flu? J. L. Greger’s new medical thriller Coming Flu describes the potential effects of a truly virulent flu. A new flu strain – the Philippine flu – kills more than 200 residents of a

Author Interview: Joseph Badal

Joseph Badal’s 38 years in the banking and financial services industries provide a solid foundation for the storyline in Shell Game, a thriller that uses the financial meltdown that began in 2007 as a backdrop for murder, greed, corruption, and